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Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to Write a Romance Novel

Romance novels are the biggest selling type of fiction in North America and are popular all over the world. It's considered less challenging to write a romance novel than many other types of fiction because there is a basic, set formula for this type of fiction.
·  Come up with a strong, interesting heroine and an alpha-male hero. These characters are standard in romance novels, though the degree to which these traits are present will vary. Some people portray the heroine as shy or weaker than the standard romance novel heroine, but she must be a character that will stand up for herself. This is what will make female readers root for her. The hero must be strong and worthy of devotion and respect.
Think up a reason that these two characters can't be together. The plot of a romance novel is generally the problems that keep the two main characters apart and how they overcome them. Depending on the theme of your romance novel, you may create legal problems or a crime drama that keeps the couple apart. If the tone is lighter, it might be simple mistrust or another suitor that is getting in the way. For serious drama, throw in cultural differences that make the relationship seem too difficult in the beginning of the relationship.
Write a romance novel story in which these problems keep the couple apart for most of the book, but allow them to get together near the end of the book. Romance novels always have a happy ending with the couple joined together and in love. The problems should have been resolved so that there is nothing to keep the couple apart any longer

How to Write a Teen Fiction Novel

Writing a teen fiction novel is not the most difficult type of novel to write. However, without guidance and direction this task can be very difficult. There are many ways to write a teen fiction novel but there are major keys to success with this genre. Below are some of the most important steps you will need to follow to write a teen fiction novel.
·  Write about a topic that interest teenagers. Topics like politics, government, and cooking are probably not the best subjects to write about when trying to interest teenagers. On the other hand, ghost stories, murder mysteries, and paranormal romance, vampires, werewolfs stories are of interest to most teenagers.
Use small paragraphs. This is necessary to keep the attention of your young audience. Long, drawn out paragraphs will immediately turn them off of the book. Writing in this manner also allows you to use more space with fewer words.
Describe your characters in great detail. Teenage readers will become very interested in your book if they can visualize who they are reading about.
Incorporate popular teen slang. Make certain you understand the context and usage of these terms before you begin using them. A good idea is to speak with teenagers in your area or visit a local junior high school so you can fully understand how teenagers speak and associate with their peers.
Exhibit ethical behavior. If one of your characters breaks the law or misbehaves, make sure they get caught or punished. This will exhibit to the parents that you do not condone this behavior, and to the readers that all bad habits and behavior will eventually be punished.